1. askewone:

    My finished piece at the jam yesterday in Limerick, Ireland. Good times with vanstheomega and many other great people.

  2. Online. A base for all things Red and Black.

  3. 'Malohi Malosi'
    Back to back we stand.
    Commission work.

  4. 'Hold your breath opening' Whitespace Gallery
    Ponsonby Auckland

  5. 'Fa'unga' 800x400

    The general social structure of Tongan society is made up of the Royal House, chiefs and people.

    ko e fa’unga ‘o e nofo fakatonga, ‘oku ‘I ai ‘a e Fale ‘o e ha’a Tu’i, hou’eiki ma’u tofi’a, ha’a matapule mo e kakai.

  6. 'Hold Your Breath' explores the work of six artists as they play, re-imagine and share what holds value within each of their practice.

    June 10 - July 6
    Opening 6pm

    Whitespace Gallery
    12 Crummer Rd

    Gallery Hours
    Tue - Fri: 11am - 6pm
    Sat: 11am - 4pm

    #benjaminwork #whitespace

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  8. Shot by Mateisha Teio.

  10. Benjamin Work | Shot by www.route52.co.nz